in my own world

feeling very damn tired after sleeping so much. words came out too fast but i paid the price - drinking 2 151s and 1 red bull & a hangover. *penadol capsule is the essential in your hangover kit, the best painkiller. tested and proven by shuk!

went to se7en for jeremy's birthday. drank a little too much, got very high. i spend most of the time at the bar and outdoor area 'socializing'. the house room's music was very good especially when they played bon jovi-it's my life.

jeremy texted me this afternoon, "hey shuk, that 'tequila' yesterday was it 151 actually? Caused that explains why i got so high lol.."
OBVIOUSLY, who gives a birthday boy a pathetic shot of tequila man.

i am going to camp in the lab on sunday to finish that bloody concept folio!

(2007-09-01) |


the first thing i did after getting out of the apartment was to go buy a tongue stud. took the time to go buy my mocha and chilled outside building9 for ten minutes chocolate and caffeine gives me comfort. i was one hour late for lecture and tute seem to pass very fast.
met joce for (late)lunch at era, dessert at max brenners with her and issac. cannot stand it, they are going to graduate this year(like thanks alot) and back to singapore. two and a few months more for me and longer if i want honours.

i lost my jacket that i bought last week just now so i went back to the same shop and bought the identical one.

(2007-08-27) |

i woke up with dried blood on my toes

on friday, johan's 21st at se7en last. i had alot of fun! drank a little too much, got very high. did what i do best when im high? buy drinks for friends and drink somemore. asshole issac bought me a shot tequilla, he watched me shot while sipping his water. after that he decides to shot 151 so i drank again.
chilli padis for maggie mee after that.
i came back to an apartment fill with empty alcohol bottles.

at se7en

happy and high

(2007-08-26) |

the ultimate

i wanted to say home to do my assignment but got convinced to go for steamboat dinner. guess what it turn out to be? szechuan food with tons and tons of chilli. if you do know me well enough, i do not eat spicy stuff, minimal at least. and yes i was dying. two bottles of green tea, chinese tea and rice to save my soul.

the ultimate

after much consideration in the morning, i decided to go cut my hair again. turn out better, not punk but well.. suitable for the purpose.

after breakf, came home and blasted music into my ears. the best therapy to clear my mind.

check my lj out if you're too free. *hint jess hint*

(2007-08-23) |

let's walk down the memory lane of the changes in my hair style



i feel lazy to post the rest, too many photos to search through. this marks my exciting two years of hair style changes. every photo posted is after a hair cut. 2006/07 saw me being boring with my hairstyles but playing more on the colours. this will change... soon i guess.

(2007-08-23) |

debajo de, sous or sotto

i want this this back

but the hair stylist gave me something esle. what is the point of shaving a good two inches and covering it with hair? not happy, going to another place to cut again later.
i know it was my hair style in 2004! three damn years ago. one of my favourite hair styles i had.

* there is a reason for it
stay tune, i will share on saturday.

(2007-08-23) |

good bye my sleep, i'll miss you

so much so much more to go. only after i open the brief layout i then realised and need to design 3 different advertising media with concept, rationale and blah blah blah. it's nearly 4am and i just came back from hungry jacks.


i am sorry for not wishing you at 12 sharp because.. you knw why right? bet you got a pleasant suprise and take really good care of your puppy who is still nameless. we'll celebrate in summer. love

(2007-08-20) |

my blank world

so pure, so peaceful that makes me want to sleep.

i am far from done with my assignment. task A, B and C. finally half way through task A which is the most irritating research essay part. im dying. and i have a presentation tomorrow, monday. this is just great.

listening to summer 69 is making me feel homesick.

(2007-08-19) |

going to start

i am smiling at champagne's photo. i miss him so damn much. his hair is so long. even though he has the worse moodswings, he has been there for me for eleven years! hail the wonders of technology.

after watching my youtube in silent as two hardworking ppl are doing maths, i shall really start on my assignment which is a total pain in my ass. by 5pm i better start.

(2007-08-19) |

sleep well everyone

i have very screwed up sleeping cycle. i slept at 10am tonight and woke up ard 4.30pm. absolut too is affected, going out for a walk at 3am? have not started on my research assignment which is due on monday. toscani, my idol. going to write about him tmr and will forget about sleeping on sunday. for now, youtube. bye bye

(2007-08-19) |

eye lid closing

too lazy to do a new layout so i change the picture. a part of my moodboard about myself, i can pretty much explain why every image is in there. my life is in a mess.

i am really very worried. this is so funny alex is calling me, i am calling jess, jess is calling me.. then the cycle change i called alex, jess continue calling me, alex on another line. so for a good twenty minutes, it felt like a communication break down and a more worried three of us. why australia line no call waiting? dickheads. finally got them and still the same. period

(2007-08-17) |


i think i am the only retard sitting enjoying the breeze in the balcony while chatting online on a thursday evening. i am feeling sleepy despite waking up at two plus. maybe i'll go take a nap soon.

last night was spend drinking and drinking. damn those drinking games. survive with a few pathetic hours of sleep and a long school day.

i like sitting in my balcony... thinking. it's my emo spot. going to ignore the world for the moment and enjoy my peace.

(2007-08-16) |


shuk cancelled her ticket back to singapore in sept. i can always change my mind again. shuk is very indecisive.

if you are bored on a tuesday night, go buy some bottles of beer and what not & drink it. feeling hungry? cook sausages (if you are overseas, beware of your fire alarm). watch some random show. not to forget, camwhore with your friends. i did all that and i must say, this is life.
after that, log online and catch up with friends, surf friendster/facebook and yeah in a happy but unwilling mood, start on your work.. which is what i am going to do. cannot finish? forget about sleeping. the next morning, buy coffee(double/triple shot if necessary). sit through your classes. after school, rejoice and be glad, there is no school on thursday(for me). so it's time to drink again and be merry.

like it? hate it? welcome to my life.

dL, are you entertained?

*photos soon

(2007-08-15) |

very angsty.

i wish my mind is occupied with the one thousand odd bucks i owe telstra but this can be settled simply by signing a cheque. very irresponsible of me for signing up on impulse because of the sidekick but well, lesson learn. move on..

i am very disappointed with someone after receiving a call. i had the urge to blow and spill the beans but i resisted. i will ruin everything and life will never be the same. now, it isn't. it will never be. once is enough, this time it will take so much for me to forgive but never forget. how would you feel if the person you respect most disappoint you again? what more, the person who i respected my whole damn life.

my day cannot get any worse. the best part of this black day was catching up with issac over lunch/coffee.

side note: 50/50 chance of me going back to singapore in sept because of a certain reason. alot to consider. will keep you singaporeans posted. if i do not go back, i need to give myself more time to face a certain issue so summer it will be.

i am ending it. one more thing, i hate it when people try to make it up and think everything is alright. IT IS NOT. i do not know how your conscience allow you to talk to me normally. maybe this comes with YEARS of experience. i am only 18, i cannot match that.

(2007-08-13) |


i am very damn hungry munching on biscuits because lords of the fries is closed.

a very eventful friday or so i said. woke up real early(say 10am), took my own sweet time to make myself a nice breakf then started doing my moodboard. rushrushrush. did it very quickly so yay but it kinda sucked.
boring graphic design class. coffee and banana cake to kill my boredom.
went to slack my ass at ashley's and bought take away for dinner.
went to crown casino to play crown blackjack... very happy!
after that too many confusion like which club to go and decisions... got lost while trying to find toorak road;lotus, toured a good part of melb
and finally
ended up at platform one which was pretty good. stayed till around 5am.

okay i am so fucking tired so good night

(2007-08-11) |


my mood board will be due in a few hours and i have not even started on it. im so royally screwed. i wanted to do it ages ago but my mind was busy. other than that ive quite abit of shit to finish by next week.

yesterday was national day and i went for the event at velour which was... came back early since the live telecast was down. i feel like i miss singapore, i need to see more familar faces of singaporeans! oh sweet summer, i am waiting.

TGIF if not i wont survive. okay off to source for stock photography images and getting stuck on my company of the moment, indesign.

(2007-08-10) |

the moment

tutors have a heart. two tutors make me a very happy person. max brenners fix and discovering crown black jack too.

crown casino is a good place to go to. and for broke people like me, there is $2.50 fish and chips. btw, i sat there play bj for like forever and won like five bucks.

shuk feels like she is really growing up.

(2007-08-09) |


woke up late so did not go to school.

i realized that i am so broke. after which i was in denial and went to get a N95. this weekend and maybe next i shall lie low. will be a bad friend for not chipping in and attending the party. sorry la cash flow problem. never felt so damn broke in my own damn life.

anyway this weekend was candice's 21st at seven on friday, a very slow saturday and was too tired to go to blvd, sunday? typical lazy day. so my weekend came and go.
last night i spend alot of time playing with absolut after a very happening trip to safeway at 10plus with manpin.

ate home for two days. just went to monte for gelato. time to do my work. two journals, sketches and presentation due on wednesday. great.

(2007-08-07) |

the balance

if only having both black and white will give me the balance i need..

the two lovely white and black of my life - champagne and absolut. not forgetting that naughty gold sparkle, goldie.

not that easy of course, i need

sometimes, the simple black coffee with milk taste so much better than fancy lattes, mocha, frapp and so on

all i want is just a cup of kopi with condense milk.


i need to do a mood board and logo about myself for graphic design. brainstorming came first and i was stuck. i realised i knew nothing about myself except the surface, obvious things like the colours, brands and of course my name & nationality. i tried digging deeper and what came out.. was not what i exactly am. i kept thinking... no, i am not that bad. no no and no, i am not like that. very much in a denial. i finally came to a conclusion that colours play a very important role. i need a balance and the last one perhaps messy? since i do not even want to come to terms with what a person i am actually like.

the process might not have started but ive learn quite abit about myself.

(2007-08-03) |

mid week

i tell myself... i am nearly there - my weekends are coming.

(2007-08-01) |


last week,
week two of school saw assignments coming in. the whole crazy cycle starts again.
1. very bad shit happened which made me so disappointed, am still anyways.
2. mum left = life with manpin alone. so far so good
3. absolut! the puppy ashley and i bought!
4. the simpsons and harry potter for the second time.
5. the usual lavish fridays.
6. ashley and aik sern's house warming which i got too fucking high.
7. radhika's birthday dinner and hush bar for abit.

photos will come.. like soon

(2007-07-31) |

balcony lovin

(typed this entry one day ago but forgot to post it)
lavish house edition was overrated but it's all good. too champagne drinking made my tolerance for hard liquor go way down. 3 151s, 1 vodka and 1 red bull and i was feeling weird. at least no puk-a-thon. partying in melb feels so good because i do have walking space, no squeezing, no fucking muds and there'll be rnb & normal music on weekly fridays.


this is funny yet not. not only seen in drama but real life. mum and sister went out then they suddenly came back saying that X wanted to commit suicide. so they went down to give her food and stuff. too lazy to elaborate the drama. so now i am suppose to approach her but i do not know how (haha, i can get that loserish).


i want a white ink tatt of a crossroad but first step, grow my hair long. will i be able to not resist cutting my hair for 5 months? remind me, no hair cuts and tattoos. thank you!

(2007-07-22) |

what am i doing?

very good, i have no school on thursdays. fucking mass media in asia lecture clash with graphic design and therefore i have a class on friday. great.

i am madly, deeply in love with miami ink. so much that it influence me into wanting to do a massive big ass tattoo that will mean so much in time to come.. a piece that will be completed through different stages of my life. i can hardly wait but tattoo ban is on. promised a million ppl that i will not ink anymore till i turn 21. tattoos are amazing.. so real and meaningful. this art is priceless and forever.

(2007-07-19) |

shuk, please go sleep.

thinking kills your brain cells and stop saying you miss singapore. but i really do. i have not had enough of singapore. i really sound pathetic.

(2007-07-17) |

semester two.

i am feeling very home sick. i want to be in the warm sunny island chilling my days away. from morning kopi, afternoon latte, frap, ice lemon tea and nights with champagne, martinis & vodka. that is life.

speaking of champagne, i love lounging with a glass of good vintage champagne and good company talking about anything and everything or just enjoying the view. very regular activity which i absolutely enjoy doing. maybe too much champagne this holiday but the 1989, 1996 brut ones are to die for. it is much better than shots after shots to get the kick. over that phrase. now, appreciation is the thing.

i have so many things to look forward to next holiday.. can hardly wait like in five months? now, school first. 0930 lecture and tute after that.

(2007-07-16) |

slow it down

one more day and it will be bye singapore and hello melbourne.

this semester break was no different from the previous, maybe less drama and much less time for shopping & other forms of therapy. good and bad but overall it was great. i wish i could have 7 x 7 more days in singapore. i also wish more people were back here esp those in the states. next year, please screw summer school and get your ass back! let's hope my two wishes will be granted in my next summer break.

every holiday, daidee is a weekly routine or rather ritual. who says you only play cards during chinese new year? the spirit can be brought forward to welcome the next new year with a bigger bang... as in higher steaks

presenting the emo-day

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

all in black so we're on equal playing field. no red = all no luck but there's one less unlucky among the blacks. (a hint: the most emo one.)

location is not a factor for this game..
vila'ge, spenili, coffee bean, macdonald, cafe cartel for this holiday.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

daidee is <3.


i made a trip back to the place where i spend ten good years at and very good memories, chij st nicholas girls school.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

okay, mainly the canteen and also to the staff room to visit the specific few teachers. i miss school food!


*** other than that(picture update), i must not forget the catch up sessions over lunch/coffee/dinner/drinks/supper with the good old friends like dL, lynn, chris, s.q and etc (the amount we spent on booze esp very fine quality champagne is too amazing. more pink champagne and moets in summer!)
the many coffee sessions with ashley, tash and etc
deep, meaningful talks with shawn
& the many meet ups with friends who mean a world to me.

that is quite abit though i still have some more to post. uploading is such a chore. i realized ive not posted my birthday weekday photos yet! that's like three months ago.

post script: alex, chengwei & jess, my stay in singapore is not complete without seeing you guys! aren't you touched?

(2007-07-10) |

too damn much

i have too much to update about my holiday but i don't know where to start..

had the worst night of partying.. at zouk because it was too fucking crowded. i miss partying in lavish, melb!

from where i stop in the last photo entry..

didn't take that many photos but there is more to come

(2007-07-05) |

take it or leave it

i do not see a point, explaining complicates things. i already said words came out too fast. if that boosted your ego, good on you. why bother?

i am thinking... happy hours drinking like the old days butBUTBUT i don't exactly like drinking. only the effects of alcohol.

overload of local food.

(2007-06-27) |


it's been awhile and lynn thinks that i should update for shawn. so yes, get well soon 'dude'. dont hit the gym too quick. i dont want to see you collapsing & lynn, stop saying thank you. it's irritating.

so sunny singapore has been treating me pretty well. doing the usual. family friends town chilling out shopping. that's about it? dad is coming back on wed! the same old routine will go on for the rest of my stay i guess.. will update more of the veryvery overdue photos soon. dont have it now.

i am terribly sorry about the night.. words just came out too fast for me to hold back.


(2007-06-25) |

oh yeah

i am going to the airport soon. my place is still a little messy but well.. the best i can get because i am too damn tired. my mum can come over to nag and clean it up for me so it's all good.

exams are over so yay! how the paper go.. i don't want to talk about it. i lost 160bucks to crown casino yest. brought my 15 yrs old cousin to hush bar for a drink.

i got to lug two luggages down now. urgh and call a cab. i should have ask parents to arrange the transport. okay gtg. bye melb. hello spore!

(2007-06-19) |


good morning, it's 5.36am. suffering from insomnia which i will head back to bed soon.. hopefully. maybe i slept too early too much that's why my head is churning. i need sleep so i can tackle my paper in hours to come which i really have no clue. i dont understand how relax i can be and not stress for this paper. my urgency might have turn into excitment to go home! like one more day..

my head is like

ohhh shrek!

the last friday
for kicks

(yummy churros & chocolate cake - not in photo)

(2 starter kits which consist of 2 151, 1 can of red bull)

more to come.. tons actually. good night

(2007-06-18) |

free.. NOT

i went to platform one, a change from lavish is good. it was funn! lords of the fries in the cold after that was even better. i had two dinners because guilt got better of me so i went for elga's bday dinner. before that, i spend hours shopping in dfo spencer. i felt that ive not bought enough.

on thursday, the end of my paper made me so happy although i barely understood what i wrote/drew. shopped a lil because of that. watched a movie which i forgot the title, a very good show though. went to alia & q&a for the first time. had a 151 phobia for a moment but i still drank it..good experience.

i realize i have not seen ashley today(friday).. i see her every single damn day.

my last paper is on monday!

will update an entry with photos soon.. when i feel less lazy.. & bored.

(2007-06-16) |


the weather is disgustingly good to sleep in which i did the entire afternoon. i finally dragged my ass out in the evening to go to starbucks to read the notes which i do not even knw if it is related. in fact, i am near to clueless. i feel like there is no need to prepare for yet i feel like i do not know anything. in short, im pretty screwed. i dont know. i need alot of luck. may creative ideas flow in my blood stream tmr and i pass the paper! i do not want to repeat this elective.


my tongue is starting to hurt. my hip area is still bruising. all that needles. but it is fine - the price to pay for art..

(2007-06-13) |

so noob

i spend two nights at cydus(cyber cafe) playing dota. i suck at it but it's pretty fun.

mr urgency still have not pay me a visit, hopefully he will come later. exam on thursday (wahh).

today(tuesday), i had a long and lousy sleep. laze in bed and finally got my ass out to pay my bills at ard 3.30pm. fucking 600 bucks in total. slack in qv for a while eating my breakfast while talking to my uncle and cousin then to chom chom for late lunch with ashley. a lil pool at backpackers. cydus then dinner at nandos and back to cydus(yes again) with ashley, ivan and the twins.

this is the boring melb life during examination period. my weekends will be sad too.

(2007-06-13) |


i need my urgency.. three days to my first official university examination. hello starbucks double shot mocha!
eight days to spore!

i miss my family, friends, mani/pedicure, american club, town, starbucks, daidee and my lovely bed!

i also have eight more days to enjoy this peace and the whole apartment to myself before i welcome my new house mate when the new semester starts. expect the unexpected


made a total fool out of myself screaming 'FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT TRAM' into my phone(sorry i didnt mean to shut my phone) while getting on the tram full of ppl. can you imagine?
7-11, my savior. me being very nice, delivered muffin to royal parade at 23++!

my bed is calling.. good night!

(2007-06-11) |


() |

shuk got bounced out of lavish

before two am! in a nicer way escorted out with me shouting at the bouncer.. not a nice sight
and puking my way through.. even had to stop the cab to let me puke. okay gross!

thank you ashley, aik sern, clarice(chuiyen), eddie, emma, kim and tash for tk care of me.

& happy 18th birthday clarice(chuiyen)!
sorry your night had to end so early because i got so thrashed.

(2007-06-09) |


dear bird/creature on the tree, i know i was not doing the most considerate thing on earth but you didn't have to be so mean as to shitting on the sleeve of my jacket.

thankfully i bought a jacket today so i could change to it immediately. speaking of which ive been shopping almost everyday since last friday. bought tons of stuff. i still do not dare to take a peek at my account balance or have the urge to pay my bills and school fees. i should, i must, i have to before my electricity, internet, phone gets cut off. i will die.

i do sound like i am having holidays? but no, it's exam period.

don't think too highly of me, i might just disappoint you. it's a fact, please accept it. you think i like it? i chose so be it with external factors if i feel like pointing fingers for my 'plight'. (if you think this is for you, then it's for you)

(2007-06-07) |


good shit, i lost my camera in beach club! so no photos..

good memories in my heart esp when i ditch my BLACK dresscode to a really multi-colour top. i tell myself.. next week. i'll buy a new camera like soon(say tmr/sunday?). before i forget, first round 12 shots black samucas, 2 shots of orange juice, 2 redbulls. second round nine white samucas, one 151, five shots of orange juice. just for ashley, aiksern and i at lavish.
then to beach club where course mates were there & a whole new different crowd. the balcony is still good. lavish-all-the-way from now!

overall a very good night though i didnt get thrash. next week.. where i will surely drink 20shots(i swear) to make up for everything and get too fuckin wasted, saying my whole shit..

anyway this week was H-E-L-L. three assignments, one exam. camping in the lab is totally great & hungry jacks which we did not say 2 for 1. there's always the next time(i say this to console myself again). one assignment, two exams to go.

& chilli padis, roti ruben to end the night.

im quarter my way to ending semester one of univ. time really flies. spore will come real soon.

good morning and good night to me.

(2007-06-02) |