good shit, i lost my camera in beach club! so no photos..

good memories in my heart esp when i ditch my BLACK dresscode to a really multi-colour top. i tell myself.. next week. i'll buy a new camera like soon(say tmr/sunday?). before i forget, first round 12 shots black samucas, 2 shots of orange juice, 2 redbulls. second round nine white samucas, one 151, five shots of orange juice. just for ashley, aiksern and i at lavish.
then to beach club where course mates were there & a whole new different crowd. the balcony is still good. lavish-all-the-way from now!

overall a very good night though i didnt get thrash. next week.. where i will surely drink 20shots(i swear) to make up for everything and get too fuckin wasted, saying my whole shit..

anyway this week was H-E-L-L. three assignments, one exam. camping in the lab is totally great & hungry jacks which we did not say 2 for 1. there's always the next time(i say this to console myself again). one assignment, two exams to go.

& chilli padis, roti ruben to end the night.

im quarter my way to ending semester one of univ. time really flies. spore will come real soon.

good morning and good night to me.

(2007-06-02) |

0430 monday

how did i spend my sunday? i woke up at two plus in the afternoon.. before i got out of bed. going to the lab was already on my mind. went to meet ashley for late lunch. after that, i went to the lab at around 5ish. i am still in the lab. okay it's not that bad. at least i got my god damn portfolio done. dinner at hungry jacks.. many breaks in between. what a day huh. this is my school life. oh did i mention.. saturday afternoon in the lab too and friday early afternoon and ... i so love the advertising lab.. welcome to my life. im getting out of this place and going home for a nap.. before coming back to the same old building at 0930 for lecture. i can be cool and say i hang out in the city because my campus is in the city! okay good morning and nights. bye

(2007-05-28) |


six of my weirdness as requested by ashley.

- i do not cut my own toenails(cant wait to get back to spore to go for a pedicure)
- i realise i have 3 tiffany&co heart 'return to tiffany' bracelet (i feel the love)
- i like sitting in the steam room all by myself.. to reflect
- i do not like wearing shoes
- i have gone through all sorts of medical check ups
- i like taking note of the IT bags of the season but i still like balenciaga so much that i use mine every single day even to school because i can stuff everything inside. i jump the long waiting list in order to get it.

speaking of which, i might want another balenciaga. in different colour maybe same style. saving up to get one will not be possible, even one month's rent will not get me one. hopefully, this season colour sucks so i wont get tempted. ya la i will get LV, class horrr and save money horrrr alex?

(2007-05-27) |


i have turn into a total geek. going to be an extra big week ahead. portfolio(damn), business exam(shit), imc, post card and digital portfolio(i hate illustrator)! & i do have to go to school! i am going to dedicate this weekend to work though weekends are not the best day to work. sigh no life

i am going to be very very stress. life is miserable now esp with a bad flu. i could not sleep last night... i must be troubled. school determines my happiness level.

(2007-05-25) |


the late nights have taken a toll on me. im down with a flu. the weather have gone bonkers. spend the weekends sleeping and partying and resting my worn out soul.

was hungry so with my damn bad sore throat i ate a fucking piece of mudcake and mango cake. my throat seems better. must be the vitamin c in the mango

this fucker from the opp building stared at me with weird eyes. helloo? there is no dress code to be standing on the balcony okay! and squating while smoking is so...

im going to bath and do my work for class later. damn i miss my 0930 lect.

(2007-05-21) |


splitting headache and eight hundred words. 4 hours till deadline.

organization, too big a word to be use on life. who fucking knws what will happen one minute, one hour later? just live for the moment. and for now, im living for the later fun in life. no school no work no stress and obviously no kids in my way. that's a long way so im not dying just yet and also not living till i look like i should be in my coffin.

toxic is cure

(2007-05-16) |


24 charts done. one thousand words to go.

will start after consuming another 78mg of caffeine. i might just die of caffeine over consumption soon.

taking ages to finish my can of V. it taste so much better than red bull.

btw after writing the previous entry i went back to bed. lol

(2007-05-15) |

good morning

i cannot sleep. ASX is bugging me to get rid of it. i woke up at 5am. yes FIVE IN THE FUCKING COLD MORNING! the whole world must have finish it since it was suppose to be due two weeks ago. i have not even started when it's a bloody sharemarket game. ive to fake all my trades up and do my reflection, company research & shit.

i should get started on it. now you knw how screwed up my sleeping cycle can be. more whiney entries ahead. after asx, saxton.. great ive to draw 3d figure. i wonder how i'll churn it out. good luck to me.

(2007-05-15) |

when we die.. no when i dieeee

im feelin so cranky..

i spend more time in hush bar than in school. i went there thrice this week(wed, thurs, sat). lavish on friday was good. my favourite club after beach club.

what makes you think i did not try?

i took fucking long to type this entry. my brain is in a mess. head is exploding due to excess information overload which is weirrrd and funny. i dont fuckin knw what am i doing now. bye

(2007-05-13) |

this will be a long one

two assignments for thursdays and one motherfucking business assignment due next week(thank you for extending the deadline). imc proj can just wait and i'll due with it like soon. saxton is on it's way.
that's all for school for now. i knw my life is so colourful.

i said bye to my blonde fringe

hello blue-black fringe and i trimmed my hair.

i passed my learner's permit test. 97% okay! going to take driving lessons soon.

ive been dedicating one night every week to the lovely advertising lab for two weeks!

i finally bought my dining table and other stuff from ikea on sunday! thanks tash for helping! but it's not fix yet.

i get stress while shopping thinking of the payment method(credit card or cash?).

i cant wait for school to be over on thursday! before that ive to get my damn work done. i am so dreading the creative presentation which i'll make a fool out of myself for being too original.

(2007-05-10) |


what a bad morning.. i keep dropping things. i broke a glass, drop half a loaf of bread into the bin. i burnt my finger with a lighter last night. went to take a nap but couldnt sleep because i was freezing. woke up to make sandwiches, wanted to toast the bread but ended up dropping it on the floor. my instinct must have known this will happen and thus i bought two loaves of bread!

spider man was too long, draggy and over-rated. but the black suit looks pretty cool. it went on and on and on and obviously spider man was the hero.

two nights of crazy drinking and partying, one late night at the lab with hungry jacks till 5am, one happening greek supper with joce at 4am.

okay i am going to start on my assignments.

(2007-05-05) |

blame monday purples

i could be the best bummer of the year, seriously. i woke up, plant myself on the sofa in front of my mac. move only to take food and with my phone by my side. i dont even feel any pinch of guilt that i did not go for my lecture, again. i could even sit in the same position for the whole day feeding myself with nutrigrain but no im getting out of my bummer's position and get change to go out. a sigh of relief, i know.

(2007-04-30) |

i'll get over it

what a fucking bad night. i kept thinking if ive decided to go to qbh instead, this wont happen.
i lost my spore line's phone and all my contacts are gone. i want all my contact numbers back, i dont care about the phone!

friends in spore, please please send me your contact number through msn, friendster (shuk_@hotmail.com). i need/want them so i can contact you guys when im back in june! i miss miss you all so much!

i feel lousy

(2007-04-29) |

oh wow

i finally recieved my macbook/nano and registered to do my L's.

(2007-04-27) |


it's back to school again. i hate thursdays. long day, assignments due. i feel like i am screwing univ up.

boraq house on tuesday was bad. i lost my jacket, fucked up bartender, too crowded, no 151.. but the interior was exotic, pretty club.

i sound like ive no life. oh yes, i go to starbucks every single day!

(2007-04-25) |

you know..

being nice gives me like a never ending flow of vodka lime. i am not touching it for a month. at times giving a listening ear isnt that easy.. esp with the lack of sleep, cranky mood nothing goes. it was a test of my patience (chris, why ask me to be nice? i was dying and you were gloating.)

churned two major assignments out this week. mr alarm clock was the intruder to my sleep and will still be. extra dosages of caffaine and toxic to keep me saint.

abusing my tongue badly since thursday. i dont think i'll ever be able to make up to the poor tongue of mine. sorry tongue, you knw i still love you.

(2007-04-21) |

oh shit

i cant believe im trying to console myself that ART IS SUBJECTIVE. if i do not like my typography, others might think it's cool, edgy and font-like, yeah right.

i read some of my course mates saxton ideas. some were WOAH, impressive and a few sexy ideas, i cant resist but to share. think bobby-pins case for easy access(obviously guys do not bring bobby pins around), disposable white board duster (because teachers steal it at times), advertisements on public toilet doors(entertainment because it gets boring in that business) and colour bands to show availability status in clubs(so singles can take the initiative and not get rejected?). bringing sexy to a whole new heroin level. beware!

(2007-04-18) |

im dying

three hours to the fucking deadline and ive 1400 words to go. i'll do so badly. i was suppose to wake up at 7am, i DID wake up but i went back to sleep till 11am. drinking coffee, chocolate, mints and whatever shit to wake myself up and fucking focus. my laptop is so heated that my cup of water is warm!

back to the fucking essay.

(2007-04-16) |


i am fine. i am very awake. i have only a few more reports to read, five books to glance through and a 2000fucking word essay to write on fucking csr(corporate social responsibility. of course, i dont need to think of sleeping. i'll be on call for 24 hours. this is going to be fun.

can someone disrupt msn/friendster/lj/blogspot for twenty four hours? so i wont be able surf them. word count: 0. this is great

(2007-04-15) |


; just came back from blvd. didnt stay long because im not in the mood.
; didnt go to school because i thought if i already lose 1% it makes no difference if i go or not.
; feel like i need to go for body balance(i cant do yoga for nuts sake) because my thoughts are all over the place.
; have a tutorial at 0930 but i dont feel like sleeping (must be the redbull)
; am random

(2007-04-13) |

bloody hell

apple online is such a piece of crap. they are doubting my identity when i fucking paid for my macbook and ipod nano! shit them and ive to go to some weirdass place to pick it up myself!
& adobe gave me the wrong email add to mail the forms and i dont have my serial no for the software.

without these two items i have to go to the lab if i need to use the software.. and to make things worse, ive not collected my security card. oh this is great. ive tons of shit work to do. i dont even want to go into that. it'll make me boil.

(2007-04-11) |

pleasant surprise


the process

it wont be possible without

(2007-04-11) |

happy 17th birthday manpin!

im glad you enjoyed yourself and said it was your best birthday ever. surprise parties are the way to gooooo (if only everyone keeps the secret and 'work' silently) and yeah it was a very well kept secret!
im going back to melb on monday. my holidays are ending and it's back to school(assignments and deadlines =/). im done with half a semester. time really speeds. soon i'll be back again in june.

(2007-04-08) |


why do i still care? why did i bother returning that call..

(2007-04-07) |

hello im home

this is no april fool's joke okay. i am really back in spore! yest, i attended my cousin's wedding dinner at conrad and lunch reception at the national musuem. im so fucking tired and troubled. both Ts dont go that well together..

i cant sleep which really means im so fucking troubled. i just baked which means i even more troubled when i dont knw why.
why am i on a bloody holiday when i have school tmr?

i should stop so yes, im going to town for lunch and shopping.

(2007-04-01) |


im done with school for thursday! i work too well with pressure, everything just comes into place and i do things fastfast too! i came out with my rough font design in five minutes & it got approved, finish my mag ad and last wk's work 15 minutes before class ended & done with the discussion for presentation in twenty! now, i just need to get some points of my presentation tmr sorted out and im so set!

i am so happy! one more class to end for MY term break!

ps. i miss the delivery for my macbook three times.
ps. sorry alcohol/cig orders to melb is close(it was never open!)

(2007-03-29) |

thursday please end

i am dreading thursday..
full day of classes and so much work to do.

i will be able to go back to spore in peace after my presentation(15%) at 0930 on friday which ive not discuss or research anything about it yet.

my phone just have to die on me on this busy stressful and pathetic period of my life. i so want to buy one but i have no time. why the shops close so early?

at least to end the day off, partying at qbh.

(2007-03-29) |

dear friends,

add me on livejournal, anditremains if you have an acct or if you are kpo enough, make an account to read my gossips and complains that will not be disclose on this public diary.

i promise entries to have more substance than this :D

(2007-03-27) |

my eighteenth bday weekend

surprise at lions then on to more flaming drinks at hush bar.. dinner at waterfront, casino, cakes at graceo.. beach club.. blvd

bits and pieces.

i really had alot of fun!

(detail update soon)

(2007-03-26) |

18 years old

it's 0420! i have a class at 0930.

so far bday celebrations been good. i hate alcohol i hate hate alcohol. i drank so much shit, got so fucking high that i forgot some parts. for that moment, turning 18 stinks but it's all good now.

thank you ashley, cherie, chuiyen, eddie, liz, mel, ninghui and sern for the surprise at 1200!

& also to everyone who wished me, called, text me!

chengwei, you hit the 3/4 jackpot. you still knw me so well. thanks!

i dont think anyone in melb reads my blog except ashley but anyway..
if you knw me or think you knw me or you are some random blog hopper in melb.. go to BEACH CLUB tonight to help me finish the drinks! i am so not drinking 18 shots.

i'll post photos soon.

(2007-03-23) |

school and that jazzzz

i did not go for any classes for three days.. & i will be giving myself an extra week of easter holidays! good job shuk!

now i am struggling to do my fucking 1% report. one task down! i need 9more ideas for saxton and do my part for tmr's presentation!

i watched this countless of times & read my thick marketing text just for that report.. feel my pain

(2007-03-21) |


by thursday:
imc proj research for presentation
one report
ten ideas for saxton scholars
research and examples for typography
art direction research question
business presentation
lectures to catch up on

this is considered normal. the worse has yet to come.

i have not gone to school for two days because lazy shuk cannot wake up in time for her classes.

i just tidy up my apartment so i shall show you the empty place i live in. dont laugh because you're living in comfort. in a month's time, there will be indoor rock climbing area, cinema and stuff in this place so... yeah :)

living area

kitchen; connecting door for the rooms

bed room

toilet; study room/trash area
(note: i have not bought my dining table yet)

i'll post last weekend photos soon.

(2007-03-21) |

sunday afternoon

as usual, ive so much school work due next week. ive to get started on them and clear them. it seems like i can only churn out my work at the eleventh hour.

fri was at beach club which was good as usual and sat at blvd. haha. we went like real early because we wanted noo needed to get in. it was worth it.
dead hush bar on thursday in which i went to eat toasted bread, crackers with dips and drank pretty looking cocktail.

i'll edit this entry to add photos.

(2007-03-18) |

week three

partied three days in a row over the weekends. evolution, beach club and p1.

i printed out and read my lect notes so i wont be like a lost sheep during lecture. i hope this can last. maybe i am doing this because i spend four hundred bucks on random shopping today. i didnt even have the intention of buying things.

i had a peaceful sleep because it's labour day and i had no class! no noise pollution.

(2007-03-13) |

anything goes..

im suppose to be doing my work but i just cant get myself to do so. i am feeling too unmotivated and lazy.

some of the 192 photos taken mostly by ashley at evolution, rmit's communications party! (im studying at rmit if you mofos are still curious about it)

after beach club


(too lazy to upload from my phone)


(dL, i did not knw your eyes were that sharp!)

photos of club2109 soon

(2007-03-10) |

busy busy busyyyy

univ life is crazy, the amount of work i mean. you knw.. last night before i slept, i was doing my reading. how crazy is that? all i hear is promotions, advertising, creativity ever single schooling day. it's just so tiring and it's only the start of week2.

the weekends pass too damn fast. started off with lavish on friday. saturday was the 'studying' turn gambling then drinking games. hahaa. so much for alcohol detox after lavish? my place has turn into club 2109. but better drinks and a good sound system needed.


(2007-03-06) |

bloooody flu bug

the first day was like so... i had to wait for FOUR HOURS for my next tutorial because the damn shit-ass-cat-lover tutor did not let me in at 1330 because there was not enough chairs? the admin takes like forever to confirm my class slots. optus takes like even longer to send my modemn.

ive been ill for two days and it's like getting worse. i kinda refuse to go to the doctors here because i dont trust them anymore. stupid i know. my timetable is not that slack though i only have one lect today. it's called intro to advertising. may i not fall asleep in the theatre. if i cant find it, im not going because lect/tut are not compulsory. i can even 'take leave' and all. cool huh? most probably i'll be back in spore on 30th march?


(2007-02-27) |

greetings from melb

i am in rmit's comp lab as i do not have internet. i stay like opp rmit and ive 24hrs excess to the labs so if ive no internet, i knw where to go. hahha. just did my timetable and the timing left suck bad. ive to go to school every single day and ive classes starting at 0930 on two days! bloody business lect at 0330 on wed!

im 'damn good' at fixing furnitures now. it's like effortless because i bought an electric driller! i am that smart, really. hahah. there's like another batch of furniture coming from ikea!

i'll update again like soon..

(2007-02-23) |


i did not bring a few items. not important but it means something. sighhh, if i do miss them i'll get manpin to dhl over. shall not say what because those lil items sound lame and hidden in weird places.

im in the lounge now.. last taste of cny goodies.. okay, i sound so pathetic. i cant stand them putting those reshen in bowls and expect me to toss it by myself? it always happens. alright, got to go.

(2007-02-20) |

the time

i promise no depressing entries because it's chinese new year i am going back to melb again, yes finally and i am so damn reluctant.

i had a really great summer break and it's time to go back to school... the only consolation i have is that ive meet up with every single one i wanted to see except a few. i am so going to miss spore so much esp the people! a whole new environment back in melb. i ended my last day pretty 'memorable' as my credit cards got decline, limited cash in my atm card and i forgot to bring cash out. oh bummer, there goes my last shopping trip before going back. first time such a thing happened manpin and i. my mum had a good laugh. lesson learnt, hard paper cash is the best.

taa, what happen in the club stays in the club but ahhahahahaa ;)

okay, going to bloody changi airport soon. i hope i'll get my internet in melb soon. till then, tk care and see you lovely pple in spore in april or/& june!

<3 shuk

(2007-02-20) |

red is the new black!

happily enjoying my pint of haagen daz ice cream on the bed while typing this..

go red for the chinese new year!

lastly, wear red

oh yes, i have red hair(again!).
my phone and camera are shades of red too!

have a great chinese new year!

ps. i postponed my flight!

(2007-02-18) |

there you go

hello, i am still alive and enjoying life in spore. my visa application is not completed yet and i am leaving end of this week! hope it gets approved asap. i thought i would be happy that my visa might not get approve on time yet there's no point because i still have to go back. staying put at a place for too long makes me feel so attach to it and obviously leaving will be painful though i'll be back soon(think april if not june!). if there's no such feeling, how would you feel home. spore is love, the place where i would spend my entire life :D

have not updated this for a rather long while. i dont knw where to start from? going back will take ten thousand years and kill another three quarters of my limited brain cells so let's just skip that part and forward to the future=no updates.. to be continued?

heh, i knw ive been missed and more 'substance' updates will be appreciated.

my first visit to haji lane

self-timer; love the words

been baking quite abit but no photo evidence. i should take photos of my baked good before i give them all away.

fyi, i dont only bake cupcakes but pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, cookies & more..

my all-time favourite cocktail, cosmo.

always present at every visit(i love my routine)

i have a confession to make...

i cant take self-shots(try #1/2/3/4).

before you forget me and think i am dead,

i am so alive that i get retarded trying to block my eyes from the 40watt light ray.

ive more photos to post but my photohost lags. this took a long while. till the next entry!

(2007-02-12) |

spinning and turning

shuk finally log in but she feels lazy. after a day or two, she might post something. she got to wake up very early too! soon soon

(2007-02-06) |

geek attack

i can be considered a geek. i like reading.. mazagines. not only celebrity gossips, fashion, lifestyle but also interior and architecture design, digital art(current fave) magazine.

(click on the picture to go to his website!)
nik ainley is a talent! i am in love with his works and even his words..
"the ideas for my images just grow organically out of my photoshop doodles"

(2007-01-22) |

it's time

ive been sleeping late & waking up far too late to feel like doing anything esle especially when ive too many options. lazy sunday and my bad for being too lazy to get to town. shuk is a bummer so pardon her alright?

it's quite funny how my mood can affect my choices. for eg, i was feeling gloomy so i bought five black tops. i do not believe in retail therapy.

anyways, i went for a lotsa sn+a few trinity pple gathering at chuiyen's place. it was nice catching up and also seeing novelyn after soo long! i want to go back to st nicks!

(2007-01-15) |


it's 5010 now and why cant i go to sleep? anyway, i went to vivo city for the first time with melvin and ying2! i knw im slow. it's not that far actually. i still prefer orchard road.
i'll continue later. shall go to sleep

(2007-01-13) |

where are you

i cant sleep maybe because someone just reminded me that i am getting old and look old. anyway, it's better than looking like a kid!

i suddenly remember this funny conv
alex: auntie, one packet of marlboro lights please
auntie: xiao didi, xiao xiao nian ji jiu chou yan. chou yan diu shen ti bu hao!"
alex: wo bu xiao le ke shi bu be ni lao. shen ti hen hao, jing shen tai hao ke shi wo yao marlboro.
auntie: (cant stop laughing)... ic le?
alex: wo ken ni yi yang shui la

ended up this nian qing ren was not allowed to buy.
the auntie allow me to buy so stupid alex called me lao ren. wth, so much for being nice!

my hanyupinyin sucks but i dont knw how to write those words in chinese.

(2007-01-12) |

i guess so

i like being random. it's too tiring updating what i did for the past few days or so. i did have alot of fun. it's worth mentioning them all but words cant express the joy i had during the time nor anyone can feel it so why bother? bottom line is i had fun, everyone had fun i hope.

im very serious about daidee!

i had the intention of uploading more photos but im too lazy

(2007-01-07) |


my bodyclock is very screwed, lack of sleep.
been very grumpy

been going out and in and out and in.

i hate the sun and rain. my hand cant go under the sun because of my chemical peel treatment(fucking painful okay).
i am going to accept my univ offer! soon, i wont be school-less. say yay! i wont be sweeping the streets!
wow, i paid 17bucks for a horrible cabride from town to home! cabs love to add surcharges!
i need to go remake my atm cards. cannot rely on credit card alone. im too kiasu.
jess is back!
i want a bag! im on waiting list for it.
i have not shopped in spore yet! i knw this sounds too pathetic.

going to crash

(2007-01-05) |


it's 0640, i cant sleep or rather i dont feel like sleeping.
(super long entry ahead)
it feels terrible realising that i didnt start 06 a fresh year but brought along so much shit from 05. last year, i had no time or rather i gave myself no time to reflect. i had a couple of breakdowns.

06 was filled with the best and worse moments but it past far too quickly.
i had a great jan-midfeb06 holiday to kick start the year.
loads of meetup sessions with old/new/good/happy friends, many painful trips to the airport sending my close friends off. went to MI, met amazing friends.
- short but very sweet, memorable and makes it all too difficult to leave

a new chapter of my life; trinity college, melb
- too amazing to be true though i had the most ups and downs during that period and regrets i'll live with.
- met new friends, got closer to a few but i did not make much effort to keep in contact with many friends in spore(i miss everyone of you even if we did not talk, please nudge/msg/call me okay!).
- alot of bumming ard, screwed up body clock, suppers, partying, chilling out, exploring.
- too slack an exam period, played too hard. thankfully i scraped through

the last week in melb for 06 consist of family time overload! also a very relaxing trip to japan.

been away from home for six months but spore and my home still feels too welcoming to resist
YET, i pretty much miss how friends stay so near in melb and all..so it's tooo damn difficult to feel bored!

for now, enjoying my holidays!
i'll skip resolutions part.
may 07 be a great year for everyone!

(2007-01-02) |


i slept for barely five hours. i wanted to write a whole reflection but i didnt like it. i'll write another one. will need to think through and decide my future in a week if not i'll end up sweeping the floor . now ive not got changed and running late, as usual.

have a good new year!

(2006-12-31) |

bye 06

30th dec : happy bday melvin!

hope you enjoyed this day and the surprises!
dinner at marinabay, chongpang with ele, gdine, melvin, ying2. before that was shopping a lil, daiti, waiting and surprising melvin.

these few days been like a roller coaster. isn't life like a roller coaster?

5.55am, laters

(2006-12-31) |

im sorry

not sorry for not updating btw.

Ik ben droevig. ik zal niets krijgen uit het betreuren zo dat ik mezelf beloof te bewegen op en hem juist deze tijd. een reeks van gedachten moet niet gehad worden betrekking te maken, maar zij kunnen bestaan een geest. gedachten slechts zijn gedacht. niets veel te verwarren, maar het betekent zo dat veel naar de denker in het hart. in ieder geval, hallo naar om het even wie u bent. u bent zo bevrijd of misschien Lijd omdat u frans begrijpt?

heh, it's not made up lang but dutch!

(2006-12-29) |

on repeat mode


feels so good to be back home, sleeping on my comfy bed, going to familar places. been too lazy to update. recovering of a flu
got a hair cut and permed my hair.
christmas eve was pretty much like the previous years..

anyway, my trip was real good. one week to the new year! 06 has been the best, worse and most challenging year ever. it's priceless!

army boys, thankyousomuch! friends foreva.. lol

(2006-12-25) |


i am finally in the city(sapporo) and not on the mountain(im serious). the hotel was so isolated with no shops and much stuff except hot spring and everything there closes early. imagine me, staying there the entire day yest. it wasnt that bad. we manage to find entertainment like playing pool.

no one will hate me for wasting their mbs but thank me!


love the layout.

dad and i

sitting on the snow!

mum and manpin

some smelly mountain


crazy tourist

so pretty!

so far, it has been pretty good.

this is suppose to be relaxing but i feel very tired mentally. maybe i just need to be home where i am familar with everything. i need the peace, life at my own pace. i miss spore.

(2006-12-18) |

that's all i need

i am going back to melb!

not that good an average. who cares. this is enough. all that matters is doing what i want to.

(2006-12-15) |

picture overload


going to the zoo thanks to(look below)

the tourist

dinner one night

koko black

manpin, this is for you!


pancake palour is fun

tourist having fun too

lovin' halfpipe

bye college sq

crown; lovely


cutest ever basin ive seen

natural hot spring in the room

living room

manpin's and my comfy bed

for now, bye

more photos to come! the pretty scenery, interior design, food display.
ohkay, it's 4am and i dont knw how am i going to wake up at 7am. no wonder my sister thought of this idea of giving my parents our door key so they can splash smelly hot spring water to wake us up.. i hope not.

i dont want to wait for my disappointment so i shall go sleep.

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i am in another ANA's lounge in tokyo. love the fact that i brought my laptop. i dont knw how to use the japanese keyboards. i am currently waiting for my domestic flight.

heh, one more hour to kill. i am bored. no one is online at such hour. even my mum is using the comp. i guess my dad will soon take out his ipod and blackberry. my stupid phone cant be used in japan. great. hopefully the small lil village i am in will have internet if not I DIE.

im going to play pacman. laptop batt's running out. bye.

(2006-12-14) |

airport again

heh, im at ana's lounge using their wireless internet. ive this obession with wireless internet. i used the internet all ard my place today from my bed to the deck. how lame can i get?

anyway, terminal one is so amazing and cool. so many shops and all. okay because this is my first time checking in terminal 1.

i gtg byeeee

(2006-12-13) |


i am back for a day! im enjoying my nice comfy bed, wireless internet, neat wardrobes(i purposely open it). 100kg(no kidding) of clothes/shoes/chargers to unpack. obviously ive no books, appliances - left it in the store with some clothes/shoes. i do have alot of things?

dear friends, i'll be back on 22 dec! meet up after that okay? okay! must ah. call/msg me, i lost many ppl's no. kill that fucking robber.

5am(melb time), im going to sleep.

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i'll be back on 12th dec, leaving for japan on 13th dec till 22nd dec.
from then on, i will be in spore till early feb.

parents left on sat, leaving manpin and i in melb. we've been shopping, watching movies and eating. borat is the most disgusting movie ive ever seen but it was dull... NOT! haha, it's sth different. watched the guardian which was good and touching. why am i reviewing movies?
ive been to about all the shopping places. bought extremly lil stuff compared to the tourist.. she have not finish buying.

got to wake up early to run some very impt errands. great, ive not finish my portfolio. neither will i submit the min no. this is stressing k. ive a nice apartment waiting for me.. im scared i wont get to stay and buy furniture for it.

i've loads of photos to upload but guess im rather lazy.
have a good holiday!

(2006-12-11) |


i feel so disconnected from the world. not been online, spore line not in use(fucking noble for this and moody because of this. that's the best excuse i thought of. HAHA).

alot of family time. more or less settle my accomodation. ive two rooms all to myself, im selfish. spend half of yest packing and moving to the store. at least it's done. packing stinks. parents are bringing at least 50kg of my stuff back. i dont dare to tell them ive even more and i want to bring back more. not like i'll wear or use them or im being sentimental? i just want it back in spore, leave them lying in my wardrobe. make sense? haha, my wardrobe in melb next year is very small too. howhowhow?
slept real late last night after coming home. ray and i had a catch up session, two years of our most 'exciting' life.

chris, get well soon! i still want you to drive me ard! really sorry to be the last one to knw about it. also congrats for your very goooooood, fab results! enjoy your hols in LA.

(2006-12-08) |

new chapter

college have ended, ive graduated from trinity college. this is happening too fast. these nine months have been amazing in the sense that ive had sweet and bitter moments. it was rough, i fell but i pulled through and survive it well.

im in the midst of packing. so much stuff, feelings, thoughts accumulated over these months. im bringing it all back home. ive not even finish packing one luggage of stuff. too much to pack!

oh ive so many stuff to do and so lil time. i cant extend my stay because of japan. i got my portfolio to do by monday too. oh my, got to continue with packing..

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