SAVE ME FROM insanity

i need some miracle. im officially screwed for psy. more than anything. ahhhhhhh. it's far worse than biology. did not expect so much in that few chapters. now i cant finish. OH NO. a few hours to the paper. oh no oh no.

(2006-06-22) |


literature & maths is o.v.e.r like finally. maths was a disaster. i went in without a calculator, walked out early. lit was *speechless*, not too good to be true but too crap to be true. one more paper to go!

no intentions of buying a bean bag today or at least this term. while slacking at the basement, ashley suddenly went, "let's go buy a bean bag now!" ohkay, so we went. i bought 1/4 of my to-buy-list back to spore. ive loads more stuff to buy. i already prepare a box to put the snacks and all. contact me if you want anything from melb?

a load off. no need to wake up at 8am anymore! bye bye threee alarms! cant wait for thursday and friday and saturday.. who's comin' back?!

(2006-06-20) |

maths , the disaster

the best way to prepare for my maths exam - SLEEP. sleep and SLEEP. for all you knw, i'll get into REM stage and dream about the solutions. and BOOOOM. shuk will score over 18%(in my dreams, of course). i should stop living in a world of fairy tales that the mathematics fairy would cast me some intelligence. tell me where can i find a mathematics goddess? i will worship it like the followers of Isis.

during exam period, i need more than 12 hours of sleep.

im suffering from maths deficiency disease

(2006-06-18) |


i forgot that i had an eap paper even after updating for the purpose of reminding myself so i slept at some ungodly hour. went out early from the examination hall, i did sth really dumb about my seat no and facility had to rub salt in by saying, "obviously you're not prepared."

it's 7.32am right now. did not sleep the whole night(again). i played at least 6 games of pool, watch soccer and so on..
my eyes are closing.. oh no! exams on monday...

(2006-06-18) |

screwed up body clock

yesterday or rather this morning. i slept at 7am because i was eating, playing pool, talking, watching cartoons and doing crap at the basement with ashley and jeremy. ordering supper at 2am. suppose to stay up till my 9am class but as expected i did not go. woke up too late for lit support, went for ashley's lit tut on my own acord and later hoi lect willingly.

this so does not feel like i have a paper tmr, yes on a saturday morning! going to take a nap before going out for dinner.

(2006-06-16) |

morning !

5.37am now. coke is more effective than coffee? or is it my long sleep i had. going to view apartments later!
i shall.. i WILL study!
so sad. i got 8.25/10 for drama, 7/10 for news analysis essay, 2.75/5(bloody bitch) for eap essay, 5/5 for m&c presentation.
this equals veryvery bad marks.

i must be cranky to type those marks.

(2006-06-15) |

5 stages of sleep cycle

dont think i'll go for hoi tut later? i declare free day on thurs not going for maths and lit lect. on fri, go for eap just to face sara? nooooooooooooo. good enough, i woke up to go for lit tut.

i have many papers coming up. i have not read the lit book and i dont knw how am i suppose to cough out 1500words in 3hrs. maths is my misery other than lit. psy is hell.
tell me, why didn't i take e&d!? my biggest regret of this year.

the optus people have not called me yet! i want my phoneeeeee! they better give me the pink motorola V3x and not the black. my very cool L6 is under used. i still like my trusty, abused, old samsung d500c very much.

my hair is very BLACK, dyed it blackblackblack!

(2006-06-14) |

stress attack

i thought essays were bad and stressful but nooo, at least you dont have to study to write an essay. for an exam, you have to study. that is much worse than churning out 1200 words! and there's a short time limit unlike one month deadline. ohhh, how i appreciate essays. and when a new batch of essay qns arrives, i'll wish ive exams because i can get rid of them fast...
sorry, im rambling!

(2006-06-11) |

dead end *nerdish attack

very much screwed. not only media&com but maths; lit; psychology. someone, give some some intelligent or m&c braincells.
not doing well in something you like really sucks.

back to 'hollywood' and it's cunning marketing tatics.

(2006-06-11) |

hello weakends

'cars' is a very nice animation movie with a clear moral behind it - winning isn't everything. cartoons are not at all innocent, watch lion king and the mermaid again and you'll knw.

dinner with lu, weijie's family(minus his mum) at waterfront. seafood overload! chuiyen's bday party! happy belated birthday! classmates since primary 6! movie after the party. early early morning breakfast with chris and a few others, lucky ass going back to spore!

m&c exam on monday(queen's bday!). i promise i'll do something about it after im awake, done my laundry(maybe?). i'll head to starbucks all by myself + double expresso + m&c notes! that will be at least 6 hours later.

(2006-06-10) |

kungfu and films

bow & funny kungfu pose for the start and end of the m&c presentation! i was too fuckin nervous during my part because the first grp was very good. good fun and all went well! maybe the RED tee sergio, steph, zoe and i wore brought us some luck!

my news analysis essay was fuckin bad.
i dont like being force to do things i dont like. for eg, going for dinner when i said, "ive a party!"

i dont feel like updating anymore.

(2006-06-08) |

different note

(click to enlarge)
adding a lil excitment to watching movies!

(2006-06-04) |

school and maths

the conversation with my maths tutor.
philip: shukmun, have you booked a consultation time yet
shuk: i saw the timings but they are rather late.. (it means, it does not fit my timeslot)
philip: so you're saying you're a morning person? there are time slots on saturday after the support lect ( so he wants me to go for support lect)
shuk: ohkay

maths teachers never seem to let me off, even till now. he came out of the classrm specially to ask me that!

intend to do my hoi after eap but because of the appt with my maths tutor in the middle of the day. i better finish part of the not very lil bits of it now. actually quite abit. the tendancy of me not waking up for eap is very high

(2006-06-02) |


BOREDOM = weirdest ideas = 2am with joce + white face paint + eyeliner overload + eyeshadow + red lipstick + boo-ing(bet we got you, jx!) = ghostly face = FUN&CRAZY!

made it for my 9am eap class, had a fun drama class(love's secret!) and went for hoi lect(the quiz). the lecture actually made sense to me. went to leeper lib to do my hoi essay. it's more or less done!
freezing 4 degrees, i went to fredos with ashley for gelati.

i do think i deserve 11 hours of sleep!

(2006-05-30) |


im dying. my fucking research is so useless. hoi essay is out to kill me. i started 30 minutes ago and im still have not progress. i need inspiration but i need more evidence than i have right now.
urghhh. this is very frustrating!

(2006-05-29) |


after sleeping over at cherie's i still had the energy to go to vic market at 9.30am. pro? finally got to eat the hot donuts(3!). heh, bought raw food! plus, baked a cake(pre-mix one) but it was good! if i went by myself, i would have lost my way.

celebrated mabel's 18th bday yest. dinner at some jap restaurant, watch x-men (choc-tops are the bestttt, in spore it's the sweet popcorns!).
surprised her later by hiding in her room. the guys acted as gay-shias with pink ribbons on their heads.
later, went back to take my dvd player to cherie's and had pizzas. watch no movies in the end. 6 people stayed over and woke up by 9am.. felt so bad for waking cherie up to open the door for me

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